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Toronto Inc.

Welcome to Toronto Inc. where community, people and ideas come into alignment for the betterment of the overall community experience.
Toronto, Inc. believes in the future of Toronto, with a faith born not of words only, but by deeds, by the present generation for the revitalization and growth of our community through knowledge.

Need a Vacation or looking to retire,
this is where they both can happen.
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Toronto was founded in 1869. It was named after the city of Toronto, in Canada. The name is derived from the Mohawk word tkaronto, meaning "place where trees stand in the water", which lies at the meeting of several rivers. A coal baron with land in County Durham was visiting the Canadian city when he was told that coal had been discovered under his land. He therefore decided to call the mine Toronto, whence the village also took its name. In the Toronto Township Cemetery, John C. Woods is buried. He was the hangman at the Nuremberg Trials.
For an Experience of a life time!
Be inspired, Be swept away. Be immersed on the back roads and the adventure that awaits you at Toronto lake.

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horseback on a beautyful trail ride by Toronto lake or thourgh a flower covered hill side.


So what are you wating for??